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The Future of JamCalendar

August 20, 2011 - Dallas, Texas

Okay, so many of you have noticed that there is no information on the calendar. The problem is not with your computer, it's with the creator of JamCalendar.

I created JamCalendar to serve musicians in Southern California, with the idea of perhaps making it a national calendar, and also of making some money along the way. That's not a bad or evil thing, by the way, as I've made my living with Internet marketing projects for many years. JamCalendar seemed like an avenue to bring one of my interests together with my business.

Many people have expressed appreciation for the content of the calendar, and used it to help plan their week, or just to find a place to play on the spur of the moment.

Regrettably, I moved from Southern California, to Texas a little over a month ago. As I was doing this, I put the calendar on hiatus. I did this rather than try and keep it going in half-assed manner, because I always felt the real value in the JamCalendar was in its accuracy and completeness, as well as editorial control. It might not have been perfect (relying on imperfect sources), but this site was certainly the most comprehensive list of its kind over the past year.

I still don't know what I'm going to so with the site. It may be some months before I decide. Some corporate sponsorship (do you hear me, GC??) might help motivate the process. I might also consider selling the property.

If I go national, I'd probably still want local editors to maintain listings. It's possible to allow organizers to post their own events, but that can get messy and sales-y.

Bottom line is that right now, I do not have the time or connections to properly maintain a Southern California calendar.

All I can suggest for now is to keep signed up for the email news, and/or the Facebook page. Any changes or reactivation of the calendar will be announced through those methods.